REVISED 2012 Structured Programming Approach Mumbai University

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REVISED 2012 Structured Programming  Approach Mumbai University

REVISED 2012 Structured Programming  Approach Mumbai University
Syllabus for Structured Programming  Approach Mumbai University

Primary Objectives of this subject :-
This subject aims to provide students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving
problems. The course will be taught using C programming language.

Program Education Objectives :-
After completing this course, students will be able to:
* Understand classical problem solving strategies and use them in solving problems that can be
implemented using a programming language. 
* Identify a problem that requires a programmed solution. 
* Use structured approach to describe the solution concept. 
* Understand concept of data types and variables using C. 
* Use common operators in C to solve a problem. 
* Implement conditional statements in C . 
* Implement looping constructs in C. 
* Implement functions in C. 
* Use simple and structured data types in C to solve given problem 
* Implement simple problems using files and pointers

 Unit                               Unit                                         Number of Hours

1       Problem definition                                             02
2       Algorithms
2.1     Developing Algorithms                                          05
2.2     Efficiency of Algorithms                                       01

3       Expressing Algorithm – Sequence
3.1     Expressions in C; Arithmetic and Boolean expressions           03
3.2     Use of Standard functions                                      01
3.3     Assignment statement                                           01
3.4     Input and output                                               02

4       Concept of scalar Data  Types                                  04
4.1      scalar data types in C , Scope and life time, type

5       Expressing Algorithms – Iteration
5.1     Ordering a solution in a loop                                  02
5.2     C- Control structures for Iteration                            06

6       Expressing Algorithms – Selection                              01
6.1     C-Control structures for selection                             02

7       Decomposition of solution                                      01
7.1     Defining Functions in C                                        02
7.2     Functions and parameters                                       02
7.3     Introduction to recursive functions                            02

8       Additional C data types
8.1     Arrays – single and multi-dimensional                          03
8.2     Strings                                                        02
8.3     Structures                                                     02
8.3     Files                                                          02
8.4     Pointers                                                       02

Text Books:
1.  programming in C ; second edition; Pradeep Day and Manas Gosh ;Oxford University Press
2.  C Programming with Problem solving ; Jacqueline A. Jones & Keith Harrow – Dreamtech India–
Scott Jones California USA 

1.  Introduction to Engineering programming – JamesPaul Hollowat – John Wiley ISBN 9812-53-022-3
2.  Introduction to programming and problem solving ; G. Michael Schneider ; Wiley India edition;


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